Date: Sunday 14 December 2003 (next Sunday!)
Period: 1000 hrs to 1700 hrs (plus)
Location: Burgess Park (infront of the old Sgts' Mess, beach side)
RV: Need to group at the Information Kiosk at Entrance at 1000 hrs. (Rob de Haas will be there) The Kiosk staff wil allow entry to Park. Follow road to old Tank Junction (now Gun Junction) and turn right at Ochiltree Road (through gates - we have keys), down into old OCS area. (Reason for grouping is so we can keep the locking and unlocking of gates to a minimum! Gates are locked to keep ordinary sightseers out of the OCS area which is Restricted)
Costs: The only costs, are optional - but highly recommended!. At a reduced Group Rate of $7.50 per head (children 5yrs(-) free), we have arranged for the Tour Transporter (road train) to pick us up at the bar-b-q site at 1400 hrs and return us around 1630 hrs. Tour is out to the Point and many stops inbetween, including the old Fort Nepean and battlements, which have been dug out, cleaned up, lit up, with audio, etc, etc. Please pay your $7.50 per head at the Information Kiosk - so we don't have to worry about it all later.

Click to open large image of View from Balcony
.............Bar-b-q area Burgess Park ......................Balcony View
Click to see larger image - OCS as of 5 Dec 2003 Cadets' Beach as of 5 Dec 2003
...........As of 5 Dec 2003....................Cadets' Beach
Where the Wall was ... but somoene's pinched it...! Accn Blocks .... as they used to be...
..........Where the Wall was...!.................Accn Blocks

Requirements: BYO everything! (Drinks, eats, etc)
* Bringing your own picnic chairs, tables, and umbrellas. There will be a couple of portable shade pergolas there (and 11x11s if needed for unlikely event of rain)
* Bringing plenty of sun blockout creme and insect repellent. The flies and sand bities are just as bad as they used to be - in fact, yesterday, I'm sure I saw many of the same lot that were there all those years ago....'cept they've grown bigger....!!
* It is snake season, and there are "tigers" and "blues" around. Please be careful when moving around scrub area and old buildings. However - toilets have been checked and cleaned out! Please keep in groups when wandering around. Some areas will be open as there is a lot of construction going on.
* Swimming - the tide will be in so plenty of water, but paddling for kids only (you know how treacherous the currents can be) Strict supervision of anyone on the beach, please!

Really looking forward to seeing you all there! Please spread the word to any other OCS Classes and Staff members you know of who may like to come down.

Get the Junior Class to clean that up....! Junior Class...clean it up...! Where are those Blo... junior classmen...?
.....A Block corridor .......... A Block Stairs .............Rec Room A Block
The Fort rises like a Phoenix....! This was below the sand when we were there..!
......Fort Nepean .............Gun Emplacement
Please re-confirm your attendance and numbers before midday Fri 12 Dec to Rob, email or phone mobile 0413 063 361
Click to open large image of Area opposite old Sgts' Mess - Burgess park