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Sent: Wednesday, 22 October 2003 10:44 AM
Ref: Our phone conversation this morning.
Thank you.
It is requested that consideration be given within the Lease Document concerning the transfer of Land in the Portsea environs to the following:
1.    The sanctity of the Officer Cadet School, Portsea for its period of residence from 1951 to 1985.
2.    The 3,500+ Graduates of the Officer cadet School, plus the numbers not graduating, as well as Staff members - who regard the OCS grounds as their Alma Mata.
3.    This includes the Graduates who have given their lives in the Service of their countries, regardles of the fact that the Memorial Wall has recently been relocated from the grounds of Portsea to Duntroon, ACT.
4.    The efforts by Staff and students during the OCS's tenancy in preserving the flora, and ensuring the threat of erosion in vital areas be addressed - per many Saturday morning "work parties" over the years.
Our requests include:
5.    Prominent and significant recognition (perhaps in structural form) within the location of the OCS Portsea and its members.
6.    Preservation of the rights of OCS members to visit the location for Pilgrimage sake and have access to the OCS buildings and environs - particularly during the June and December periods - relevant to the graduation dates of the Classes within the 1951 to 1985 period. Such preservation to be closely monitored by suitable Federal agencies invloved.
Perceived Benefits
7.    As above for OCS members, and the ability to retain elements within the grounds as symbolic of their Alma Mata.
8.    A recognised rallying point for OCS members for their gatherings.
9.    Virtually asssured custom for the Lessees for any planned accommodation facilities within the area - but, we would like to request priority of booking for OCS members, specifically for the early December and early June periods each year.
Added Possibility
10.    Currently our "History" and memorabilia are located within the RMC Museum, Duntroon. Perhaps the Lessees may like to act as custodian of these items, maintaining them and prominently displaying them. This could act as a tourist drawcard for them, as well as enable returning OCS members to identify with their "history" in place. This proposal has not been discussed with Duntroon Society personnel, or the vast majority of OCS members - and, if accepted by the Lessees, would be decided upon by the OCS membership first. A discussion topic of this nature will be seen on the ocsportsea website Forum.
In Summary
11.    I believe the process of the transfer of the land and facility to be too far advanced for any major change in responsibilities and requirements, so cannot hope to arrest the progress of the transfer based on "local community" concerns or "environmental and historical concerns", although, for the record, the greatest benefits that would be gained from utilisation of the land would be by the Public with Public access and National Parks and Wildlife maintenance.
12.    Therefore this request on behalf of all those who graduated from or were members of, or staff of the Officer Cadet School, Portsea.
13.    And, it is requested that any inclusions to the Lease pertinent to the above requests be promulgated to OCS members (through their website) for their comment, prior to the finalisation of the Leasing Process.
14.    Comments concerning this request will be collated and forwarded to the above addressee for progressive information.
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