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Comment: After their arrival at Portsea (6 June 1952) Sgt G. Selby-Adams, Sydney, and WOII R. Smith, Darling Downs Regt, Queensland, spruce up in their room. (Smith left the School a few days later) (Credit: The Australasian Post, January 24, 1952)
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CC1 Selby-Adams & R Smith .jpg
CC2 Book issue on day one * In the Army, or back at school? The first course being issued with their text books soon after arrival at Portsea on 6 Jan 1952.
 1-?, 2-R. Jones, 3-R. Aitken, 4-? ,5-G.J. Manning, 6-?, 7-R.N. Callender, 8-?, 9-C.A. Cunningham, 10-?,11-T.H.R. Jackson, 11A-B. Lindsay, 12-I.G. Hands, 13-?, 14-?, 14A-? 15 ?WOII I.W. Turley, 16- WOII ?
(Credit:  The Australasian Post, January 24, 1952) * 800 x 506 * (106KB)

CC3 RO Pt1 8 Feb 1952 * Australian Military Forces, Routine Orders Part 1, by Col J W Harrison, Commandant, Officer Cadet School, Serial No 20, 8 Feb 1952. Order No.86 promoting nine Officer Cadets to acting NCO rank.
 * 750 x 1189 * (149KB)

CC4 Sgt C A Cunningham Mar 1952 * Sgt C. A. Cunningham, Pl Sgt 1Pl, March 1952 * 600 x 769 * (52KB)

CC5 Hockey Team on way to play RAAF at Pt Cook * OCS 1/52 Hockey team, taken before the team departed for the RAAF Academy Point Cook.
 Back L-R: B. McFarlane, G. Ball, N. Granter, J. Williams, WOII Woods (Coach), W. Spencer, R. Rockett, P. Cameron (C). 
Kneeling: C.A. Cunningham, H. Bell.
 * 800 x 531 * (65KB)

CC6 Hockey Team * OCS 1/52 Hockey team. Standing L-R: N. Granter, W. Spencer, J. Williams, P. de Cure, C. Cunningham, N. Munro, G. Ball.
Seated L-R: H. Bell, C. Wright, P. Cameron (C), D. Polson, R. Sinclair.
 * 800 x 609 * (83KB)

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