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Comment: OCS Hockey team, first half 1960. Back row L-R: 5-Capt C.A. Cunningham (Coach), 9-E.J. Lyneham. Seated L-R: 1-B.L. Campton, 4-A,L, Schaschke.
CC11 Grad Class Jun 1952 *  OCS Portsea Graduation Class 1/52 (Jun 52) * 1024 x 466 * (97KB)

CC12 John Crump & wife Grad Ball * OC J.L. Crump, of Western Australia, dancing with his wife
at the graduation ball (before midnight), 6 June 1952..
 * 475 x 600 * (87KB)

CC13 To the Grad Dance * Officer Cadets and their partners step out smartly to the
ballroom for the graduation ball at the OCS Portsea, 6 June 1952.
(Credit: Melbourne's The Sun, Saturday, June 7, 1952) * 786 x 600 * (158KB)

CC14 Pips at Midnight * They got their ?pips? at midnight. Here are 2Lt Selby-Adams (left)and 2Lt John Colquhoun, having their pips pinned on the epaulettes by Miss Peggy Earl (Selby-Adams? fiancée) and Miss Helen Ainslie, 7 June 1952.  (Melbourne's The Sun, Saturday, June 7, 1952)
 * 800 x 605 * (155KB)

Staff -  Spring 1961 * Staff members  Capt Roy Hockings, QM and past RSM (left), Noela Hockings, Claudette Cunningham and  Capt Colin Cunningham, Instructor RAA, enjoy the Officer Cadets? Hawaiian Night, Spring 1961
 * 800 x 585 * (97KB)

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Staff - Hockey Team 1960.jpg
Staff - Map Reading1960 * Map reading class in the field, 1960.
Capt C.A. Cunningham, Instructor RAA, discusses the syndicate?s location with OC P.J. Booth of NZ, and OC Surajit Shinawatra of Thailand.
 * 800 x 562 * (86KB)

Staff - Visit by Malayasian PM  1959 * Visit by the Malaysian PM , Tunku Abdul Rahman during the first half of 1959. On the dais are, (R-L), the Prime Minister,  Col J.G. Ochiltree, Comdt OCS, and
 Capt C.A. Cunningham, Instructor RAA, (acting ADC to the Prime Minster)
 * 4752 x 3544 * (676KB)

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