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Comment: Map reading class in the field, 1960. Capt C.A. Cunningham, Instructor RAA, discusses the syndicate?s location with OC P.J. Booth of NZ, and OC Surajit Shinawatra of Thailand.
CC12 John Crump & wife Grad Ball * OC J.L. Crump, of Western Australia, dancing with his wife
at the graduation ball (before midnight), 6 June 1952..
 * 475 x 600 * (87KB)

CC13 To the Grad Dance * Officer Cadets and their partners step out smartly to the
ballroom for the graduation ball at the OCS Portsea, 6 June 1952.
(Credit: Melbourne's The Sun, Saturday, June 7, 1952) * 786 x 600 * (158KB)

CC14 Pips at Midnight * They got their ?pips? at midnight. Here are 2Lt Selby-Adams (left)and 2Lt John Colquhoun, having their pips pinned on the epaulettes by Miss Peggy Earl (Selby-Adams? fiancée) and Miss Helen Ainslie, 7 June 1952.  (Melbourne's The Sun, Saturday, June 7, 1952)
 * 800 x 605 * (155KB)

Staff -  Spring 1961 * Staff members  Capt Roy Hockings, QM and past RSM (left), Noela Hockings, Claudette Cunningham and  Capt Colin Cunningham, Instructor RAA, enjoy the Officer Cadets? Hawaiian Night, Spring 1961
 * 800 x 585 * (97KB)

Staff - Hockey Team 1960 * OCS Hockey team, first half 1960.
Back row L-R:  5-Capt C.A. Cunningham (Coach), 9-E.J. Lyneham.
Seated L-R: 1-B.L. Campton, 4-A,L, Schaschke.
 * 800 x 582 * (94KB)

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Staff - Map Reading1960.jpg
Staff - Visit by Malayasian PM  1959 * Visit by the Malaysian PM , Tunku Abdul Rahman during the first half of 1959. On the dais are, (R-L), the Prime Minister,  Col J.G. Ochiltree, Comdt OCS, and
 Capt C.A. Cunningham, Instructor RAA, (acting ADC to the Prime Minster)
 * 4752 x 3544 * (676KB)

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