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To be able to login:
1. Applicants must first register for normal membership. You are required to use your Full Name and Class Month and Year of Graduation. If you were not a graduate, or if you were a Staff Member, please state the year/years you were at OCS.
2. Your application will be sent to the Forum Administrator, who will check with the appropriate Class Orderly as to your bone fides to be a member.
3. The Forum Administrator will then send you an email confirming your acceptance or otherwise. If you have been accepted, the Forum Administrator will have "activated" your membership to the Forum, and you will be able to login.
4. If you wish to become a member of your Class Group, please select the Group you wish to belong to. Your application will go direct to the Class Orderly of that Group, and you will be notified of your acceptance. Belonging to a Class Group allows your Class Orderly to contact you on a "mass email" basis.
5. In completing your "Profile" when registering, please allow your email address to be "visible". This does not mean that your actual email address is visible. Emails can only be sent to you by registered members who are logged in. Even so, your actual email address is not visible, as the Forum sends the email through its own means to the member's address.

If your Class does not have a Class Orderly - organise one!
(Note: A Class User Group will only be listed if there is already a Class Orderly for that Group.)

- Please ensure you put in your FULL NAME as your User Name .
- Place your Grad Class and/or your Staff Year/s in the "Interests" field (for the time being).

(Registrations without Full names and Grad Class details cannot be transmitted to the appropriate Class Orderly for verification, and so will be deleted.)

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Messaging and Email within the Forum....

Please make use of the "Private Message (PM) " system. and the "Email" system within the Forum.
This negates spamming as only registered users may use these facilities, and does not "show" your own email address.

Need Help....?

At the top of the Forum, click on FAQ - and all your questions will be answered! (Well...most of them...!)
Class Orderlies - There is a "Moderators Only" forum that is only visible to you, in which there are directions on how to do things - and any other matters on what is required of Moderators or Class Orderlies.

Offensive comments or language, slanderous comments, or any comments deemed to be "inappropriate" in any category will be deleted, and the ISP of the origin of that comment may be blocked.


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