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Comment: Complete Dining Room - Mar 2008. Amazing to think that there were 200+ cadets feeding feverishly in here at times..!
DSC07316 * OK - can't remember us ever having to clean these bloody things, so they must be part of the refurbishment..! Mar 2008 * 2592 x 1944 * (2.04MB)

DSC07317 * Cadets' Mess Ante Room, with southern half of Dining Room opening at left. Bloody hell - the Bar is still closed..!! * 2592 x 1944 * (2.21MB)

DSC07318 * Glass doors of Ante Room opening to Cadets quadrangle. Note engravings on these doors in next few pictures......! * 2592 x 1944 * (2.34MB)

DSC07319 * Would this perhaps inspire some sort of reciprocal action by the OCS Portsea Alumni...?? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.34MB)

DSC07320 * Waddaya reckon guys..... wot ya want to do 'bout it..?? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.19MB)

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DSC07321.JPG - 2592 x 1944 - (2.34MB)
14-03-2008 02:38:24
DSC07322 * Verandah outside Cadets Mess Ante Room - Mar 2008 * 2592 x 1944 * (2.12MB)

DSC07323 * Cadets' Quadrangle, showing mature (and thinned out) NZ Chritmas trees - Mar 2008. Trees planted sometime in 1966. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.43MB)

DSC07324 * Mar 2008 - the foundation pavers (overlooking the Parade Ground - and Queenscliffe in the distance) where once stood the OCS Memorial Wall - now located within the grounds of the Royal Military College, Duntroon. It is suggested that the OCS Portsea Alumni commission a life-size+ bronze statue of a saluting Offr Cdt, with plaques at base of all nations who had graduates from the OCS. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.43MB)

DSC07325 * If a statue can be erected here, then why not have a flag pole with the OCS flag permantly flying behind it.?? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.38MB)

DSC07326 * Oh the hours spent in gauged marching (slow and quick time) up and down this pathway - and also down at the Avenue of Trees, outside the Q buildings.
Remember saluting the Memorial Wall each time we passed (up and down) on this path? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.43MB)

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