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Comment: Mar 2008 Entrance to Badcoe Hall (still named Badcoe Hall). Trees seem a lot bigger now, or have I shrunk a little?
DSC07326 * Oh the hours spent in gauged marching (slow and quick time) up and down this pathway - and also down at the Avenue of Trees, outside the Q buildings.
Remember saluting the Memorial Wall each time we passed (up and down) on this path? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.43MB)

DSC07327 * Mar 2008. The RSM's Hut. Is there really a tunnel from here down to area of Cadets' Beach.? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.4MB)

DSC07328 * Mar 2008. Northern end of ground floor Badcoe Hall (dedicated in 1967). However, I seem to remember there were raised seating here, as per a Model Room * 2592 x 1944 * (2.16MB)

DSC07329 * And the Southern End of the ground floor of Badcoe Hall. That area that was infamous for exams, mass lectures and presentations, parties, and also the dreaded Dragon Squad (although I don't think we had carpeted floors then!). * 2592 x 1944 * (2.08MB)

DSC07330 * Mar 2008. Stairs within Badcoe Hall - used to lead to Library and Syndicate Rooms. Weren't there more hat pegs on the walls then? * 1944 x 2592 * (2.04MB)

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DSC07331.JPG - 2592 x 1944 - (2.37MB)
14-03-2008 02:46:50
DSC07332 * Has had a number of uses over the years, but was certainly the Admin building in 1967 - Chief Clerk, Comdt, Adjt, Orderly room, etc * 2592 x 1944 * (2.27MB)

DSC07333 * Between the Admin building and staff Officers' Mess (Left). Was that a 'wishing well we see here? * 2592 x 1944 * (2.38MB)

DSC07334 * Part of the Admin buildings complex - had various uses over the years, incl staff offices * 2592 x 1944 * (2.31MB)

DSC07335 * View of Admin building (Ord Room, etc) from car-park. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.4MB)

DSC07336 * Current (Mar 2008) view of Ord Room in Admin building. * 2592 x 1944 * (2.05MB)

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