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A Day In The Life of an Officer Cadet

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This video was hurriedly produced for Parks Victoria to show visitors during the School Holidays of Apr 2010. A more detailed and higher quality version is in progress.


defence health

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"Loyalty and Service" by Neville Lindsay
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Our soldiers need to know the following:
A. Killology (pdf 715KB)
B. In Order to Survive (pdf 102KB)
C. Practising to be Miserable (pdf 536KB)
D. What to Say to Those Returning Home... (509KB)
E. The Soldier's Heart (video re PTSD from svce in Iraq)
* Recognise our Heroes ( video clip .wmv)
* VALE Farewells to our Comrades (Please include in Vale area on Notice Board)


Interesting Quick Links:
* Newspapers of the World
* All My Favourites

Links from late 2009:

* Pt Nepean Self Guided Tour Brochure
* Pt Nepean National Park Open Day
* Tribute to MAJ Peter Badcoe VC


__________ Latest News 2012___________
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Revamp of OCS Portsea Alumni website. A revamp of the OCS website is underway, but will still take some time to complete. Although some background data has been updated since mid last year, the Main page has not. My apologies. There have been a number of challenges in the past 12 months, most which have been overcome or are being overcome. But it's time the website had a complate facelift and was brought up-to-date technology wise. As the new site takes shape I will mention here what features will be included and how they work. Needless to say, as the new site is developed, this site will also need to be maintained.

If any Alumni members have ideas on what they would like to see included in the new site, or what they would like the new site to be able to do - please let the webmaster know (otherwise, developing gets mighty lonely all by oneself)! And yes, don't hesitate to be critical. It's OUR website and WE've got to get it RIGHT!

OCS Flags Have Been Manufactured. Three OCS flags have been manufactured for use at Portsea. Class Orderlies will shortly get an email showing the flags in detail and reimbursement information. The flags are also available for sale through the Alumni only. There is a fully stitched flag with the OCS badge appliqued on both sides, and a digiatlly printed flag (one sided only) mainly for use as a backdrop for Alumni functions, wall decorations or standing on a staff in the corner of an Alumni member's study. The digitally printed flag is about half the price of the fully stitched flag. Anyway, after the Class Orderlies have received their email notifications, the flags will also be visible here.

The Class of June 1962 recently had their 50th Anniversary Reunion at Portsea, and were the first to use the digitally printed flag as a backdrop during their formal dinner. By all means - ask any of them what they think of the flag design! Being the most recent Class to gather at Portsea, please contact "Old Fred" Greenway for his advice on what you may need to consider if wanting to reunite your Class at Portsea.


Defence Health