From: Brian Florence (email address omitted)
Sent: Tuesday, 9 December 2003 2:00 PM
To: de Haas
Dear Rob,
I have opened this site for the first time today & thought I would fire off my comments to you for what ever purpose you subsequently desire. I foresaw this tragedy of development coming early in 1980 and voiced my concerns directly to the then Commander of Trg Comd that it was imperative that OCS remain in Defence hands for continued Defence unit occupation. If that was not acceptable to the establishment of the day then we had an obligation to the Nation to ensure that the property remain under the control of the Federal or State Governments for use by the public as a Heritage National Park with no further development of any kind except the improvement and maintenance of existing access and facilities. I always believed that the area as a whole was very fragile and needed careful control of use. Future occupiers who could come later, needed to be made aware of the priceless flora & fauna located there. I am scandalised that this heritage location is being considered as just another rich playground by a private development company & I am disappointed that the Federal and State Governments are not able to sort this matter out without taking the stupid strategy now in place. The development company concerned has a proposed Lease Agreement of 40 years but this is now under consideration by the Federal Government to be extended to 80 years. I am not sure what we can do as a group but we can have an impact if, as concerned individuals, we write to our Federal & State Ministers to voice our concerns and I for one will do this. A voice through the ABC and or other influential public broadcasters in both Melbourne & Canberra, could influence members of the public to become more aware of present & intended events  and they may be influenced take up the fight. That voice could be one of our members who is resident in Melbourne & Canberra & capable of presenting a case .
    The Web you have put together can serve as a valuable tool for ideas & information into the future & you are to be congratulated for the progress so far.

Kind regards,

Brian Florence

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