To all of you that responded to my recent request for help, a big thank you. Federal and State leaders were flooded with email messages.

The Victorian State Government reaffirmed their commitment to a National Park at Point Nepean, and became one of two tenderers for the Defence land.
Unfortunately, the Federal Government has ignored this option. Given the choice between a popular National Park and a property developer, they have chosen the latter.

The Defence land at Point Nepean is to be divided up and handed over to a consortium backed by a large Queensland property development group, FKP Limited,  with plans to build a luxury hotel, restaurants, convention centre and other related developments.

It is understood there were only two tenderers, including the Victorian State Government which planned to have the entire area proclaimed a National Park.
The State Government plan was overwhelmingly supported by the community and hundreds of community groups.
The Federal Governmentıs decision also ignores the defence departmentıs own master plan for Point Nepean, which called for a public park.
Information about the decision and the tender process remains secret. The 50 year lease may be signed as early as next week, with public scrutiny denied.

This is a disgraceful result, apparently directed against the Victorian Government for political reasons. The community view has been overlooked.  
All attempts by the State Government to negotiate the establishment of a National Park were blocked. The tender process itself was flawed. The parliamentary secretary for Defence, Fran Bailey, publicly ridiculed the Victorian Governmentıs tender as a "stunt" before the close of tenders. Privileged information was leaked. Senior Federal Government representatives gave open support a certain bid (which later withdrew) during the process.
Federal MP for Flinders, Greg Hunt, has now admitted making false and misleading statements about the future of Point Nepean in his community newsletters. By his action he falsely reassured the community, and discouraged scrutiny of the process.  

I donıt know about you, but I am disgusted and angry. This debacle is all about cheap political point scoring. The Federal Government is determined to become landlord to a property developer, on  pristine and historically significant Victorian land.  Once new infrastructure is in place, I predict that this lease will be converted to a freehold sale, at some stage in the future, with the obvious preference being given to the existing use. This is a neat way to get around Victorian planning laws, which would have prevented such a development.

So what can everyone do next?  Email letters of objection to the Federal Government.
I ask that all of you give it at least one shot.  Email or telephone your objections. It is urgent, and this is the last opportunity.
I have never been actively involved in politics, but this issue has shown me that eventually you must take a stand. The community needs to send a strong message, particularly  to Federal MPs Greg Hunt (Flinders) and Fran Bailey (McEwen) at the next  election.

I have never asked friends to do this sort of thing before, but if you are as angry as I am about the outcome, please donıt delay, even by a day.
Send email messages now to the Federal leaders whose addresses appear below. You should make plain your objection to their handing this precious Victorian land over to property developers.
If you put your name and address at the bottom, even on a short email message, they are obliged to reply to you. Please ask all your address book contacts to do the same thing:


John Howard: Prime Minister; Ph: Canberra  02 6277 7700;
Peter Costello, Treasurer; Ph: Canberra 02 6277 7340 (Victorian Electorate: 9822 4422)
Senator the Hon. Robert Hill: Minister for Defence; Ph: Canberra 02 6277 7800;
Dr David Kemp, Minister for Environment and Heritage; Ph: Canberra 02 6277 7640 (Victorian Electorate: 9557 4644)
Fran Bailey, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Defence; Ph: Canberra 02 6277 4433 (Victorian Electorate  5962 1255)
Greg Hunt, Member for Flinders, Ph: Canberra 02 6277 2276 (5979 3188)

If Point Nepean is split up and developed, please keep a long memory when you vote at the next federal election. No government should be allowed to override overwhelming community wishes with such contempt. Unfortunately the current federal government has a pattern of such behaviour.
Donıt you think it is time they were given the message?

Many thanks to all of you who have helped so far. Please continue to assist.
If you take action, Point Nepean might still be saved.

Will B