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Comment: Looking across Ticonderoga Bay from the cadet lines
Parade Ground * Across Parade Ground, with B Coy Lines, RSM's Hut and Badcoe Hall * 1022 x 766 * (150KB)

Sunrise over Parade Ground * Sunrise over the OCS parade ground * 1021 x 754 * (110KB)

Tank Junction - Casper * Wendy Goodwin (now Wendy Gooding) with Casper at Tank Junction. Note the angle of the barrel (morale must have been low, although not for Rod Gooding that day!). * 1024 x 768 * (172KB)

Tunnels * Tunnels at Fort Pearce - rifle racks on the right * 534 x 768 * (88KB)

View from lines 1 * Looking across the parade ground and quarantine station to Ticonderoga Bay, January 1979 * 1022 x 650 * (127KB)

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