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Comment: Jenny Kane on one of those days contemplating life as a child at Portsea, hanging onto a flagpole down at the oval.
Brothers in Arms * Steve Foley, Ross Thomson, Chris Burns * 1024 x 768 * (135KB)

Church Pde - Shahrany & Foley * Church Parade - Junior Class. Shahrany and Steve Foley * 1023 x 768 * (204KB)

Church Pde - Vroomans * Nick Vroomans with sons Marc and Neil - Church Parade 29 April 1979. Third son Ben was a post Portsea baby. Marc is now a Captain in the Army - just completed his third year of a four year Aeronautical Engineering Degree at ADFA, married with a one year old daughter Leah, wife Melissa (ex Army). 
Neil is a Computing Systems Engineer in Perth.  Engaged to be married to Drew in 2006. Ben is also a Computing Systems Engineer for Perth's most exclusive girls college. 
The boys were regulars at Portsea, picking up and dropping off 'dad', also attending all the functions and events ie sporting, barbeques, church parades and morning teas.  Anna and Nick tried to maintain as normal a life as possible for the boys; Marc was at school in Sorrento at the time and Neil attended pre-school. * 441 x 480 * (52KB)

Eric Johnson * Eric Johnson * 593 x 768 * (98KB)

Fine bunch of men * 10 Sect (-) - Simon O'Brien, Kerry Plowright, Dave Sankey, Andy Beard, MikeTavcar * 1024 x 765 * (184KB)

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Kane * Juggling family and training - Peter Kane with Peter Jnr, checking the field gear. * 767 x 520 * (82KB)

Kids * Guests of Steve Foley at Portsea * 726 x 766 * (162KB)

Log Run * Log Run - Dave Sankey urging runners on. L->R, F->R: Steve Foley, Andy Beard, Simon O'Brien, Chris Burns, ??, Gavin Petch, ??, Bruce Kenning etc. (Ross Thomson left rear) * 1024 x 760 * (206KB)

Mark Heinrich - Blues * Mark Heinrich in blues. * 645 x 768 * (73KB)

Mark Heinrich * Mark Heinrich - outside Bldg 5 * 546 x 760 * (103KB)

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