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Jun 75 Eastgate Funeral  * Class photo (-) 2004. - A sad occasion John Eastgate's funeral 18 May 2004. L to R Rear Mick Corne, Dave Grierson, Noel Erichsen, John (JC) Smith (Now Part Time RAAF Intelligence) Front Keith Fraser, John
Jun 75 Eastgate Grierson the DS * At John Eastgate's funeral on 18 May 2004 nothing has changed after 30 years, David Grierson, in uniform, still gives Mick Corne (far right) a hard time observed by Noel Erichsen (2nd left) and now RAAF Intelligence Officer John (JC) Smith. Pic by Keith Fraser. * 640 x 480 * (53KB)
  Jun 75 Eastgate Funeral  
  Jun 75 Eastgate Grierson the DS  
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