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Comment: Mike Downey ...."Now, listen here Debbie Beal,...........!!"
Canberra Club05 * Jim Brown, Iris Brown, Jeff and Narelle Gouldson * 853 x 640 * (279KB)

Canberra Club06 * Mack Prickett (part of him), Mick Farrar, Morna Farrar, Mike Downey, Katherine Downey, Dave Honeychurch, and Judy Smith (foreground) * 853 x 640 * (265KB)

Canberra Club07 * Debbie Beal, Sam Komarowski, Ken Beal, Vicki Berry, and Gavin Berry * 853 x 640 * (254KB)

Canberra Club08 * Mike Downey as Class Orderly for the evening makes sure we haven't forgotten how to

Canberra Club09 * Mike Downey telling padre Dick Hayman how he wants grace said.... * 853 x 640 * (248KB)

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