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Comment: "OK - this is how I see it working guys. We all get absolutely pissed, have arguments and behave disgustungly - just as the Staff expect us to. That way we will not disappoint any of them and should get full marks for giving them what they expect. But someone get the aspirin ready for tomorrow..!!"
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grog02 * Phase One well under way * 700 x 595 * (54KB)

grog03 * OK - Phase two - arguments - here's a good one to start off with..! * 700 x 637 * (49KB)

grog04 * Great - that's more like it. Be a little more serious guys - they won't believe you if you start giggling..! * 700 x 600 * (35KB)

grog05 * Bloody tremendous Bob ... with disgusting behaviour like that we can't fail to get good reports. Just what they expect from young officers-to-be....!
Mission accomplished...! Now - who's got those aspirins..? * 700 x 574 * (45KB)

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