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Comment: Appropriately for anyone called "Jesus Frog"
hangin08 * And .... perhaps we can offer another option...? * 700 x 583 * (28KB)

hangin09 * Politics, bloody politics. Get on with it...!! * 700 x 547 * (39KB)

hangin10 * Great thinking Harvey (oops, should I have mentioned your name?) Getting the Junior Class to do the dirty work will put the blame on them. What lesson did we learn that in...? * 700 x 577 * (50KB)

hangin11 * Yeah, well ya can throw him down here to us, if your hands are too dirty. Most of us are Junior Class..! * 700 x 594 * (55KB)

hangin12 * Great - now we have him in the chair. Where are the electrodes, or wasn't that an option? Aren't we lucky our Senior Class are letting us do all this...! * 700 x 588 * (56KB)

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jesusfrog02 * Reee-bit... (burp) * 365 x 700 * (22KB)

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