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Comment: Wiles Cooker in the field Class of June 1960 at meal break. Very few can be identified but since there were 25 in the class and there are 23 in the photo (plus cameraman Andy Mattay) there is only one person not present.
harrison bowl * Harrison Bowl
A posed photo in Harrison Bowl 1960.
Noel Sproles, Steve Davies (Kiwi)(his son graduated from OCS in Class of December 1985, the last class.), Chris Wotton (Kiwi).
The photo was taken to be reproduced in a New Zealand newspaper.
By now we had SLRs.
Note spit polished chinstrap and ultraclean and pressed uniform, hardly the dress for out in the field!
The boots were also spit polished daily, even for out in the field. * 800 x 615 * (89KB)

Portsea grad_A * Program for Graduation Day June 1960 * 1024 x 676 * (99KB)

Portsea grad_B * Remainder of Program for Graduation Day June 1960 * 1024 x 677 * (134KB)

portsea_ante room * Ante Room. Class of June 1960 in the. Ante Room at the weekend. Jan-Jun 1960
Commandant Colonel Ochiltree insisted that we all bought civilian hats and wore them both in the grounds and off the camp.
Peter Bradley (non graduate), Noel Sproles, Evan Coady, Barry Earsman (?) * 800 x 481 * (71KB)

Portsea_concert party names * Each year a concert was held involving both current classes.
This photo is in September 1959 and involves Class of December 1959 and Class of June 1960
Names of those who can be identified are endorsed on the photo.
The 10 in the Maori outfits in the front are all Kiwis. * 2388 x 1784 * (782KB)

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