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General Information
Each of the links ("Staff of the ....") is directed to this page, from which further links will be made dependent on the content received.


The Staff Galleries are to be arranged as content is received, and will be in "folders" named according to content. If you have been a Staff Member of the OCS at any time, please send any photographic content (per advice in Guidance Section) direct to me for inclusion within the Staff Galleries.

Neville Lindsay apologises for not having included a "Commandant's Gallery" within his book, Loyalty and Service. So, to make up for that, there is now a specific Gallery for the "bosses" of the OCS for all those years. We invite the Commandants to have an input, eg, if you happen to have copies of your Commandant's Annual Report (or any other reports and observations) for any of the years, please allow us to include those within this section.

These days, such things as Annual Reports seem to be in the form of progressive email submissions, which may or may not have been (or being) saved and progressively archived. Hopefully, there may be some that have, in fact, survived and can be included as a part of the history of the OCS.
In the absence of any of these, perhaps Commandants could send some of their thoughts and impressions of their time at the OCS. You have all been very much a major contributing factor to the education, training and subsequent careers of many fine Army officers - and some officers of other Services - and any repository of the history of the OCS, as is this website, would not be complete without your own contributions.

Staff Members
And the same applies also to all staff members - officers, warrant officers, other ranks, and civilians alike. Your collective experience and influence on all of us graduates and non-graduates have been evident, I'm sure, in the subsequent years of service and careers we have followed, both within Defence, and in the Commercial World. Please give us your impressions - and any "incriminating" photographs you may have taken during your time at the OCS.

In many instances you have taught us to consider perspectives from the "other side" (enemy's point of view)............ we ask you to provide us your perspectives, of us at the time, and of your time and contributions to the OCS.